The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation — An Overview

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation was established by the family of the late John S. Latsis, the Greek shipping magnate who passed away in 2003, to commemorate the man and continue his legacy of public service.  A Foundation with a broad international reach, its focus is primarily on issues within Greece, their country of origin. Today, under the guidance of a Supervisory Board of family members, including his son, Spiro Latsis, the John S. Latsis Foundation supports education, scientific research, social welfare and Greek culture.

The Foundation funds its own programmes as well as contributing to third party initiatives. Programmes designed, implemented and exclusively funded by the Foundation include: scholarships for young students who wish to continue their education through the Ileians’ Scholarships Foundation established by the late John S. Latsis in 1967; annual grants for  12-month research projects in the categories of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mathematics and Earth Sciences, and Life Sciences; six research programmes in the academic areas of Environment, History, Geography and Anthropology; the annual Prix Latsis Universities, awarded annually since 1983 to four researchers under the age of 40, and the International Summer Schools at Pallas Athena, a programme to advance scientific research through a series of international summer schools on varying subjects, open to both Greek and international postgraduate and postdoctoral students.

In collaboration with other organisations, the Foundation offers financial assistance, as well as ongoing managerial support. The Foundation works in partnership with many public welfare departments, religious organisations, non-governmental institutions and local self-governmental agencies in western Attica, Northern Athens and the Saronic Islands to provide food assistance programmes through the “It is Our Duty” Social Solidarity Programme.  In association with The Athens Conservatory, the Foundation offers assistance to their “Little Musicians” programme, for children ages 6-12, who would otherwise not be able to afford music education.

The Foundation employs nine staff members to manage the day-to-day operations and add their unique insights into the organisation’s strategic, long-term planning. Family members, Henrietta Latsis, Spiro John Latsis, Marianna Latsis and Margarita Latsis make up the Foundation’s Supervisory Board, which uses the values and priorities of the Foundation’s mission to address the needs of Greek society.